MXN $ 5,800.00

Material: Gold Bath 10k

INCLUDES: Pink choker, wine choker and black choker.

Care of the pieces:

* Clean with plush * * The product is kept in optimal conditions in dry places * * Perfumes, creams or lotions can alter the optimal state of the piece *

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Leonora Carrington was recognized as the last most important surrealist painter of her time. Of British descent, but nationalized Mexican, the artist had a privileged life: she was a rich, rebellious girl and the third surrealist artist in Mexico, after Frida Kahlo and Remedios Varo.

The eccentric painter and storyteller did not want to be anyone's muse, refused to go down in history as Max Ernst's lover and preferred to stand out in the artistic world as one more influence on surreal work. Our tribute to this great female specimen.