Untier of Knots Bracelet


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Bracelet fully authorized by the Vatican and made specially for the Untier of Knots Church from Cancun, Quintana Roo. Its design is based on the hands of the original Mary Untier of Knots painting.

We can find the Mary Untier of Knots origins (María Knotenlöserin) in a Johann Georg Melchor Schmidtner painting from 1700. The painting portrays the Virgin Mary surrounded by angels and safeguarded by the Holly Spirit’s light.

The Mary Untier of Knots image is believed to be an allegory of human trials, symbolized in the knotted ribbons that Mary undoes and unlocks the same way a mother helps her children.

Its worship teaches that its immeasurable love its able to grant requests and settle conflicts (untie knots) to those who pray with devotion.

ADJUSTABLE bracelets

.925 silver, available only in medium size, 15-17 cm wrist size.