MXN $ 4,640.00

Material: Gold Plated 14k

Care of the pieces:

* Clean with plush * * The product is kept in optimal conditions in dry places * * Perfumes, creams or lotions can alter the optimal state of the piece *


Medium: Ideal for women

Medium: Ideal for men

In case you need a special size, write us.

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Naïve Art was developed by a group of artists whom people called naïves or amateurs, due to the fact that they were not dedicated to painting as their main activity, but only as an activity outside of their respective professional occupations. They had no academic training, in every case they were self-taught creators.

Henri Julien Félix Rousseau, “'the customs officer' Rousseau”, as he was known for his job as a customs officer en Paris (Laval, 21 May 1844 – 2 September 1910), was a famous french painter, one of the top representatives of Naïve Art. Not to be confused with Henri Émilien Rousseau.

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