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Gold Bath 10k

Care of the pieces:

* Clean with plush * * The product is kept in optimal conditions in dry places * * Perfumes, creams or lotions can alter the optimal state of the piece *

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Deconstruction is a concept with a strong presence in design. This interesting notion has moved from linguistic theory to literature and then to design. This document presents its approach from different fundamental themes to understand Jacques Derrida's theory of deconstruction, which was proposed in 1967, based on the literature of the same author, Gadamer, Adorno and others.

It also describes the reflective journey that a subject (an spectator, designer or artist) undertakes that institutes deconstruction, as a binary epistemic-hermeneutical space that questions the beautiful and the strange, in a sense of irruption, rupture or transgression in search of breaking with the canonical model established by the academy and tradition, in favor of unpublished expression. Finally, some intersections of design with the theory of deconstruction applicable didactically are presented.

*INSPIRED by the art work of Carlos Génova