20% off with the coupon "MAGIA".
En compras mayores a 15,000 MXN un Alhajero Corazón de regalo.
20% off with the coupon MAGIA.
Alhajero de regalo en tu compra mayor de $15,000 MXN

founded by Sandra Cepeda.

In each piece you can see her genuine and experimental essence, that shows an artist playing with organic and different elements, in which she uses the same exploration process
and discourse as in her pictorial and intervention work.

Starting in 2017, JOYA DE ARTE officially begins selling and distributing their pieces in different museum exhibitions and luxury stores around the world.

The logo is a tribute to our Megaphone Heart Badge, honoring love, honoring those who do not cease to follow their instincts, screaming loud without speaking until the end of this life and beyond…

…those who express themselves and achieve translating their feelings into a material and representative way with our creations; in gold or silver, beyond ornamentation, fantasy or fashion, it is a narrative of thousands of stories in mini sculptures that are creating golden dreams.

A R T   T O   W E A R

Joya de Arte



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