MXN $ 3,280.00MXN $ 4,080.00

Material: Gold Plate 14k , Gold Bath 10k or Silver .950

Includes: 40 cm adjustable chain.

Care of the pieces:

* Clean with plush * * The product is kept in optimal conditions in dry places * * Perfumes, creams or lotions can alter the optimal state of the piece *

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Its shape, so similar to our body, almost human, has made othe mandrake a plant loved by witches and feared by the population of many different civilizations. It is, along with the mistletoe, the most widely known and used magical plant of all history.

It is possibily the human shape of its roots what has made that peoples from all along the planet believe it has magical properties, turning it into a remedy for many diseases, a summoner of magic and a powerful aphrodisiac. Also, as it was to be expected, endless legends have been built around the mandrake, of which the most important ones are related to its origin and the shape of its roots.

Its reputation is almost as old as humanity itself, ever since the time of Ancient Greece the mandrake was widely utilized and known with the name of Circe's plant, honoring the renowned goddess and sorceress of the same name, whom Homer immortalized in its famous Odyssey. According to oral tradicion, this plant was seen as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune.